I grew up going to church.  Each Sunday I would hear “churchy” words that I did not fully understand.  One day in my middle twenties, I heard a sermon on Grace.  It hit me that I didn’t know what Grace was.  I mean I could spout that it was “unmerited favor of God” as I had heard before – whatever THAT meant.  I knew is was synonymous with “Gift”.  But frankly, Grace to me was pretty nebulous and frankly unimpressive.  So I prayed a little prayer and asked God to show me what His Grace meant.  Wow.  Did he ever show me.  And thus began a fifty year effort to understand what the words of the Bible mean.

I have taught a number of Bible Study groups.  In most of these, I have asked Christians what a given word, like Grace, means.  The answers are all over the map.  In several studies, we spend weeks looking at the Words of the Bible; so the following posts will replicate some of those studies.

If you have a word you’d like to include; leave a comment below and I’ll try to respond with a post.

So here we go, we’ll start with the word that started it all for me:  Grace.

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