Our relationship with God is the template for our interpersonal relationships.  The same principles apply to both. So let’s examine what drives our relationships with our heavenly father and our earthly relationships.

I suggest that developing a close relationship is a process that follows what I call  the Four-Ts:

Time -> Truth -> Trust -> Thanksgiving

Simply, we spend Time with God.  From that Time, we discover that God is Truth.  From an understanding of his Truth, we inevitably learn to Trust him.  As we lean on him in Trust, we develop an overpowering feeling of Thanksgiving.

So is your relationship with God dry?  Or, your relationship with your spouse?  Do an analysis. Are you Thankful to God/Spouse?  If not, then do you Trust him/them? If not, do you doubt that they are truthful?  If not, then you need to spend Time with him/them.

To put this another way, relationships suffer and sometimes die for the lack of one or more of our Four-Ts.  It takes diligence to keep these relationships vibrant, and it all starts with Time – and ends with Thanks.

In the coming days, we’ll explore each of the Four-Ts.  Allow me to give you a preview.

It all starts with Time.  Our time together results in spiritual, personal, and sometimes physical intimacy.  On the other hand, a lack of time together results in an erosion of those benefits. How many marriages have dissolved because the partners do not spend enough time together?  Or, one partner spends quite a bit of time with someone else at work, school and from that time, develops intimacy with them?

If your relationship with God suffering? Spend time with Him. Same goes for your spouse or other earthly relationships.

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