Plant an Oak acorn in your garden’s dry soil and what happens? Well, nothing unless you water it. The potential is there for an oak tree from that tiny acorn; but that potential is not recognized unless you supply regular water. Yes, you could water the acorn once and then allow the soil to dry and the germinating seed will die before it sprouts through the surface of the ground.

As water is to the acorn Time is to our relationships. We meet someone new and there may be incredible potential for a great relationship; but the intimacy does not sprout overnight. The same applies to our relationship with God. We might attend a church service and for the first time meet the God of the universe and his Son and decide we want a relationship with them. But a close relationship and Trust (another “T”) do not develop because we want them to, even when there is potential there. We must invest Time to develop the intimacy of a close relationship.

Let’s take the analogy further and look at an existing relationship or tree. If the Oak tree is a young sapling that is actively growing, it needs frequent waterings to help it to grow. On the other hand, if it’s a large tree with deep roots, it can survive for a long time without frequent waterings; but even then, it is suffering some from lack of water. The same goes for relationships. Young relationships need frequent encounters (Time). For our relationship with God or his Son Jesus, this means time in his Word and in Prayer. In young relationships, this will allow the relationship to grow and develop. In established, older relationships, Time is still critical even when they can survive longer without Time than younger relationships.


  • Time invested in relationships results in intimacy.
  • As water is to an acorn or tree, Time is to our relationships: To grow and thrive, each needs a regular application.
  • Relationships suffer and can die if Time is not spent together.

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